Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Robot Apocalypse opened to a new set of testers

Yesterday they opened up to a new round of testers for The Robot Apocalypse.

While we are finding new bugs, it is still in beta testing and this was why it was opened up to more testers!

Recent Changes:

  • They've added base attacks into the mix now, both hitting other players bases and hitting robot bases.
  • There is a new feature in place that I had missed before also, which limits which squads can hit other squads.  I love the idea of this feature.  You can't take that level 40 squad and hit a level 10 base or other squad.  If I want to hit a level 10 base/squad I have to have a lower level squad out there to do it with.  I don't know the specifics on number of levels up/down that you can hit and there seems to be some "play" in being able to hit up/down in certain cases, but I love this concept.  
  • Sure there are others but those were the 2 main things I know that were tweaked of late.
One of the Devs has been online off and on, getting feedback, working with one of the programmers directly as issues arose, etc.

Good feedback from those I've chatted with and the fact that someone was there to listen to feedback and suggestions has been great.

The game is coming along nicely.  No idea when it will be fully released, but I'm glad to be in on the ground floor!

We've got a forum setup just for RA, feel free to drop in over there and ask questions or check out some of the posted pictures in the game.  You can find that here: